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We know social media can seem like a full-time job sometimes with trying to make posts, edit posts, post regularly, etc etc. We could go on! Yet social media is too powerful to be ignored.

Our question for you today is, are you being as responsive as you should on your social media channels? We are not talking about simply posting each day, we are talking about when your customers are actually commenting on your posts.

Are you writing back to them? Are you keeping the conversations going? Are you also following their accounts in hopes to gain a new friend and potentially life-long supporter of your business?

That’s how it’s done, friends.

When we check in with clients we find that 1. They are stuck on gaining followers only and 2. They have not responded to anyone who comments on their posts. Does this sound like you?

So here is our response to that:

#1- Do not focus on the followers, focus on who is commenting on your posts. This is sooooo hard for us to get into the heads with clients. The follower amount is nothing to get sour about. It takes time, A LOT of time to build a solid, authentic community around your brand so ease-up on the follower-pressure.

#2- WRITE THEM BACK, and follow them back.

#3-Keep finding ways to keep conversations going

And if all this sounds like too much, let us do it for you. We eat and breathe this stuff which means we love it and your readership will feel that. If you’d like to inquire about our monthly content creating packages, contact us.

Until then, follow steps #1 and #2 above.

What We Believe In
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Gastronomy Creative was created to fill a need to help businesses in the wine and hospitality industry position themselves by way of using storytelling and strong visual representation to engage with clientele and future customers.

We believe your brand story speaks volumes and can be as strong as the services and specialities your business offers.

Your story is what connects your brand on a human level to those wanting to be included in it.

Customers crave to engage with your story, tell your story and support your business by being part of your brand community. For this reason, we love what we do and look forward to working with you!

A Letter From Our Creative Director- Why I Love This Work

In one business lies a thousand stories.

Stories about the restaurant concept- that exact moment when the founder could see the whole vision in his mind’s eye. There are stories about each chair and table chosen to fill the restaurant for example, who designed those chairs, why the founder chose to work with that interior design company.

Even the journey the restaurant owner has to go through in picking the right staff! “Will they love and care about this business as much as I do?” -They may ask.

Everything, absolutely everything about any restaurant you’ve entered is a manifestation of a thousand journeys. And it is from this vantage point that I began to fall in love with each business’s story and journey. I started Gastonomy|Creative to capture the many layers of storytelling that not only speaks to these brands, but invites in the clientele.

We are all human with deep feelings and longing for connection. When we connect with a restaurant, a business or an experience on an emotional level, we feel it and we want more of it. Hence the ethos of what we do- to use strong visual representation and storytelling to connect businesses in the gastronomy industry with life-long clientele.

We are ready to tell your story, are you?